Use of Conversation Analysis Methodology to Analyse Social Interaction: A Case of Kindergarten Interaction
Workshop Presenter(s): ERUMARG (Erciyes University Micro Analysis Research Group) 
The workshop will introduce the participants to conversation analytical (CA) method of analysing social interaction. Specifically, we will use video recordings of a teacher and young learners of English interacting in a kindergarten context as data in the analysis process. We will also provide the participants with a transcript of the recordings and the transcription conventions to interpret the interaction in that particular context.
This workshop mainly aims to show the participants how to conduct an interaction analysis by focusing on the interactional features of CA (e.g., turn-taking, repair, sequence organisation). As such, the knowledge of these interactional features is preferred, but it is not necessary in order to be a participant of the workshop, since it also aims to get the participants familiar with them by providing the necessary information while conducting the analysis. In addition, throughout the workshop, we will emphasise the reliability of a transcript (i.e., what it should include, how interactional patterns should be represented, and how these will help analysts to have valid claims).
At the end of the workshop, the participants are expected to have the knowledge and experience to understand the interactional features of CA, the use of transcription conventions, and how to conduct an interaction analysis by using the CA methodology.
Dr. Ufuk GIRGIN; Yasemin ACAR; Dr. Erdem AKBAS; Emine YAVUZ; Almila Elif ALTAN; Murat BORAN; Dr. Durdane TOR; Dr. Gurkan MORALI.