Unravelling the Magic of NLP: The Power of Metaphor

Workshop Presenter(s):  Benâ Gül Peker,, Gazi University, Faculty of Education, ELT Dept. Ankara Turkey

This workshop will introduce the participants to a key concept in Neuro Linguistic Programming, (NLP) the power of metaphor. By way of introduction, I will briefly talk about what NLP is and how we can use it in our professional and personal lives in order to bring about the changes that we wish to create.

The workshop will then continue with the introduction of the concept of metaphor which is used in a different sense than as used in literature studies.  What the concept means is “an indirect communication by a word, expression or story which implies similarities between things or events (Revell and Norman, 1997, p.101). This definition also leads us to explore the power of  the non-conscious mind.  It becomes extremely important when we are giving advice or making suggestions to other people and in communication with ourselves. Contrary to common belief, it is actually the non-conscious mind that can understand and consider the advice given. This, in turn, lays the foundation for creating new options about what to change given our own specific situations that we find ourselves in. 

Building on this discussion, I will then share different techniques of using metaphor such as simple and creative metaphors, stories and guided visualization. In short, this workshop will provide the participants with experiences of how the power of metaphor may be used in order to reach one’s aims.